Exhibition Title: “A Natural Response”Installation: 38 paintings, 1999-2006 plus small works and written survey responses

Individual works, 40” x 30” and 22”x 30”

media: sumi ink, gouache and conte

"A Natural Response" exhibition --including the  "naturemind" installation, writing samples and book from the "Natural Response Survey".

A book and wall mounted poems and prose from national and international poets, writers and visual artists are included in the presentation.

Informed by nature, Nancy Fletcher Cassell (Union, Ky.), has created lyrical black and white sumi ink paintings for more than thirty years that intuitively seek to define our relationship with the environment. Inspired by this vast body of work, a natural response will feature a new series of sumptuous and enigmatic paintings, as well as a dynamic and rhythmic installation where Cassell surrounds the viewer with a continuous banded horizon of imaginative landscape that taps the unconscious mind and seeks to reconnect us with nature in an elegant frenzy of black and white. Cassell’s beautifully flowing imagery evokes the work of Arshile Gorky and Philip Guston, creating new worlds through her masterful strokes of sumi ink.

The Weston Art Gallery, at the Aronoff Center for the Arts, Cincinnati, Ohio 2004

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