Series I: "naturemind"
Media: sumi ink, gouache, and conte on multimedia board 40” x 30”

We claim places by the feelings we bestow upon them and we long to protect their existence from harm, yet we have attempted to separate ourselves and to dominate and manipulate the environment to our advantage. Therefore, the physical reality of nature and the concept of nature as we perceive it in our minds are not the same.

But, when I stand outside before a coming storm, mysterious forms surround me and I become the storm. While driving--images flash passed the window of my car and are imbedded in my memory. They are all DeKooning's "glimpse" in animated form.

Each human form and function echoes some aspect of the natural world. It is this interaction and merger with nature, reflecting the human that motivates me. These outward aspects of nature bond with my interior landscape to create hybrid images through painting.

I believe that when these internal and external aspects of self become one with the natural world, a refuge is created. I want my work to function in this way.


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